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Wildlife Artist, Alan M Hunt's work is described as photorealism, and in one sense this describes the photo quality of his scenes, his attention to detail and the realism of his subjects. Alan Hunt admits that in his youth he was obsessed with detail, trying to paint everypieceof fur, strand and feather.

Alan M Hunt has learnt over the years that the eye does not always see all of the detail, especially on an animal some distance away. He has learnt subtle painting techniques for conveying detail without obsessive and laborious application.

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Alan Hunt recently won 3 awards at the David Shepherd WIldlife Artist of the Year 2018.

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Subjects: Animals, Mammals, Natural World, Wildlife, Nature, Birds, Beasts

Styles: Photorealism, Fine Art, Realism

Mediums: Acrylic, Paint

Materials: Canvas, Masonite

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Alan M Hunt is regarded as one of the best wildlife artist in the world and although hard to comprehend these images on this site do not portray the actual strength and depth of the original paintings. These original wildlife paintings are truly better than a photograph and Alan manages to capture images of wildlife that photographers never can.

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If you wish to purchase an original wildlife painting of Alan's please click on this link Wildlife Artist.

Alan M Hunt is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist that has been painting original artwork of birds and mammals since his early teens. Alan is a trained zoologist and photographer who is able to paint amazing paintings of animals and wildlife that are unparallelled with his hyper-realism and photorealism style.

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Alan M Hunt mainly paints in acrylic but has painted in gouache, egg tempera and watercolour with a few studies of proposed paintings firstly done in pencil / graphite. Alan M Hunt is famous for his african wildlife paintings that he paints but especially he big cats such as leopards, lions and tigers.

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Alan M Hunt's other passion is conservation and the protection of endangered animals and their habitat. Alan regularly donates paintings, prints and images to charities and organisations that support the protection of wildlife.

Although Alan has taken a step back from exhibiting in recent years he entered the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2018 exhibiton where sales went to supporting fighting wildlife crime, protecting endangered species and engaging local communities in Africa and Asia. Alan was lucky enough to come away with three awards from the exhibition, Category Winner in Animal Behaviour, the Artist Aagazine Award and very gratefully the People's Choice Award which was voted for by the general public who visited the exhibition.

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Styles: Painting, Prints, Photorealism, Fine Art, Realism

Mediums: Acrylic, Paint

Materials: Canvas, Board, Paper, Masonite

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